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2012 in review, prizes for the most loyal players!

January 4, 2013 emailed me a summary of our year for the website, and included some cool facts, like how many views we had and from what countries. However, the part that I am going to be talking about is our most loyal viewers! Since they included a list of who commented the most on our blog, I will be distriuting prizes to those players. The prizes (and recipients of those prizes) are:


1. Vinay! You commented 29 times, and for that you will receive 10 diamonds, 4 monster spawners, and more assorted goodies!

2. Jake (popo)! You commented 25 times, and for that you will receive 7 diamonds, 2 monster spawners, and once again, assorted goodies.

3. Wicker! You commented 6 times, and for that you will recieve 4 diamonds, and some assorted goodies!

4. Stillazn! You commented 3 times, so you will recieve 2 diamonds!


Thats all! Check out the rest of the report here:

Click here to see the complete report.



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